OCs OTC Working Group launches www.OCsOTC.org

October 2010

October 15, 2010 – The Oral Contraceptives (OCs) Over-the-Counter (OTC) Working Group has launched its website: www.OCsOTC.org. The OCs OTC Working Group is a coalition of reproductive health rights and justice organizations, nonprofit research and advocacy groups, university-based researchers, and prominent clinicians who share a commitment to providing all women of reproductive age easier access to safe, effective, acceptable, and affordable contraceptives. The working group, which is coordinated by Ibis Reproductive Health, was established in 2004 to explore the potential of over-the-counter access to oral contraceptives to reduce disparities in reproductive health care access and outcomes, and to increase opportunities for women to access a safe, effective method of contraception, free of unnecessary control, as part of a healthy sexual and reproductive life. The new website includes the group’s statement of purpose, frequently asked questions about OCs OTC, brief descriptions of past working group meetings, an archive of past updates, and a detailed bibliography, including coverage in the press and in blogs, among other items.