About Us

Our agenda is driven by women’s priorities and focuses on increasing access to safe abortion, expanding contraceptive access and choices, and integrating HIV and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services. We partner with advocates and other stakeholders who use our research to improve policies and delivery of services in countries around the world.

Women's priorities
We put women’s autonomy, rights, and decision making at the forefront of our work.
Rigorous research

We conduct research to uncover evidence about what women need, what barriers they face, and what is working for them.

Bold ideas

We seek out and evaluate innovative strategies to improve women’s reproductive health and choices.

Simplified access
We apply our research to create solutions that make it easier for women to obtain the resources and tools they need to control their fertility and protect their health.
Strong partnerships
We implement and disseminate our research and solutions with established advocates and health care providers on the ground.