OCs OTC in the NYT

August 2010

June 22, 2010 – Ibis President Kelly Blanchard makes the case for moving oral contraceptives (OCs) over the counter (OTC) in the New York Times. Though there was significant coverage of the 50th anniversary of FDA approval of the pill in May, there was scant discussion of this strategy for addressing some of the challenges facing women accessing birth control in the United States. In the piece, Kelly shows that the pill meets FDA criteria for over-the-counter medicines and shares evidence about women's ability to self-screen for contraindications. 

Ibis coordinates the OCs OTC Working Group, a coalition of researchers, clinicians, advocates, and industry representatives who share a commitment to providing all women easier access to safe, effective, acceptable, and affordable contraceptives. We look forward to continuing to stimulate public discussion on this topic and to building consensus around an over-the-counter switch for oral contraceptives at an accessible price.