Mmoho campaign recognizes National Condom Week in South Africa

February 2017

The mmoho campaign held its fourth media engagement workshop last week to recognize National Condom Week in South Africa. The workshop was themed around condom use and negotiation, as well as the taboos of sexual pleasure, especially among young people. 

Guest speakers presented on a variety of topics, including how young medical professionals can influence young people's access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services in a positive way and how stigma around sex negatively impacts STI prevention. There was also a demonstration on how to use male and female condoms.

These workshops are a part of our mmoho campaign's efforts to educate the public, as well as an important chance to receive feedback from young people. In this workshop, young people discussed their eagerness to learn about SRH and expressed that they have limited access to accurate information due to how stigmatized sexuality is in their communities. We plan to use this feedback to inform mmoho's future work to change the conversation about teenage pregnancy and advocate for comprehensive and accessible SRH services for young people. To join the mmoho conversation, you can follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.