Ibis responds to elimination of US UNFPA funding

April 2017

We at Ibis are deeply disappointed by the Trump administration’s decision to cut all funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). UNFPA provides life-saving and critical services like family planning, midwife training, and safe childbirth; the organization also works to put an end to child marriage and address gender-based violence. The elimination of US funding will severely impact UNFPA’s ability to provide these services. The United States is one of the largest contributors to the UNFPA and cutting funding for the agency puts the health and rights of millions of people around the world at risk, including those in crisis situations.

Eliminating funding for needed women’s health and other services, and exacerbating barriers to life-saving care is bad policy. President Trump’s reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule will prevent millions of people from accessing information and essential reproductive health services around the world, and harmful policies like the Helms and Hyde Amendments restrict the use of US funds for abortion care domestically and abroad. UNFPA provides life-saving help to some 10.5 million women, girls, and youth, and reaches 9 million people in humanitarian settings with sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence prevention services. The elimination of US funds jeopardizes these services, and jeopardizes lives. We support and will continue to fight for people around the world in accessing the care they need and deserve.