Ibis launches five-year strategic plan and new mission

November 2018

Over the last 16 years, research from Ibis Reproductive Health has informed policy and practice change and paved the way for innovation in service delivery for abortion and other sexual and reproductive health care. We're proud of our accomplishments (view our "16 highlights from Ibis Reproductive Health's 16 years" on social media) and we thank the many partners that have made these achievements possible.

In 2017, we embarked on an in-depth, participatory review of our work and opportunities to increase our impact. We discussed changes in our field and the geographies where we work, documented successes and challenges in our work, and identified a number of key lessons learned. This process reinforced how critical partnerships are in all of our projects and that building and maintaining partnerships is a key strategy at Ibis. We cannot achieve the change we seek without our partners, and this is reflected in our new mission statement:

Ibis drives change by conducting bold, rigorous research and building principled partnerships that advance sexual and reproductive autonomy, choices, and health worldwide.

Our new strategic plan, which also articulates our vision for success and our core values, serves as a road map for how Ibis will drive change over the next five years.

Through our strategic planning process, we reaffirmed our central focus on access to safe abortion care, our investment in the potential of technology to transform how people access abortion and contraception, and our continued work to expand access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services for all. The new plan more intentionally centers justice and equity in our research and in our organizational policies, practices, and culture.

We invite you to read our strategic plan and join us in realizing our vision of success—an inclusive and just world where everyone has the power to exercise their human right to live a pleasurable, safe, and healthy sexual and reproductive life.