Ibis celebrates its 5th anniversary

December 2007

December 5, 2007 – Ibis Reproductive Health held its 5th anniversary fundraising event at the Radcliffe Gymnasium in Cambridge, MA. Guests enjoyed food and beverages donated by many local and community-minded businesses. In addition, Ibis staff members made the desserts, including the three-tiered birthday cake made by Ellertson Fellow Courtney Jackson. Jazz duo Carmen Staaf and Kendall Eddy gave an outstanding performance and guests engaged in competitive bidding at the silent auction, comprised of items donated by local businesses and from many of the regions in which Ibis works.

The evening’s highlight was Ibis board member Frances Kissling, who spoke about the state of reproductive health and rights in the US and internationally and encouraged the reproductive health professionals and allies in the room to continue to nurture and grow our community—because that is how movements are strengthened and sustained.